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Several cruise lines offer Los Angeles cruises. This sunny city is an excellent departure port for a cruise to Mexico, Hawaii, South America, through the Panama Canal or around the world.

Ships sail from LA year-round, so go whenever you're ready. Start your planning with our calendar of cruises from Los Angeles.

See our choices for the best reviews of cruises from Los Angeles. They are high-quality reports from real passengers.

A wide variety of cruises depart from Los Angeles and Long Beach. There's something to fit anyone's budget. Cruises from LA to Mexico are the most frequent. Pacific Coastal cruises explore the scenery and ports of California.

Panama Canal cruises pass through the engineering marvel on their way to Florida. Visit beach resorts and islands along the way.

Cruises from Los Angeles to Hawaii are available on two cruise lines. They visit 4 Hawaiian islands. There is even a cruise from LA to Japan.

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